Atlantis is Floorscore certified for low VOCs and contains no Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Mercury or recycled content making it a prime choice for anyone looking for "green" flooring supporting a healthy lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Atlantis Waterproof LVP is a premium collection designed keeping in mind your lifestyle and desired ease of care for your flooring. Please find below some of the commonly asked questions regarding Luxury Vinyl plank flooring. Should you have a question not answered below please feel free to contact us.

Moisture and Temperature fluctuation have been a cause of consideration from the time people have been using wood flooring. Modern technology has made our lives easier in every facet, so it was only natural that it will transition into our flooring world as well. From Solid to structural integrity of Engineered wood and now to Waterproof flooring which has almost all the aesthetic and visual features of wood flooring, it has been a revolution in flooring industry. Luxury Vinyl SPC planks are virtually Waterproof and a great choice to take spills to accidents from kids to adults to pets in everyday life to party scene, gracefully.

SPC in short stands for Stone Polymer composite. It is a type of Luxury Vinyl plank with Stone dust and Polymer mixed core which makes it rigid core and helps it retain its structure better than its vinyl flooring cousins which may reflect sub-floor imperfections to a greater degree.

Due to enormous technological advances, LVP has earned it’s place in different strata of flooring market. Today you will find it not only in vacation rentals, commercial properties but also multi-million dollar mansions due to advances in its looks, upkeep and ease of use. Most people’s choices are governed by color. LVP is now available in a range of wood look choices from Oak to exotics. You will find a range of sizes and colors to choose from. Apart from color, your choice should be based on the area to be covered and how the installation will flow. Atlantis Luxury rigidcore SPC planks have all the coordinating recommended trims available, like Flush Stairnose, T-molding, Reducer, End caps and quarter rounds.

Remember the days, when one needed weeks of subfloor preparations, acclimation of wood and intricate installation methods achieved only by artisans to provide you a beautiful floor! New innovations in flooring have not only revolutionized the ease with which flooring can be installed (almost pushing it to DIY section for some) but it also looks as good as new for a long period to come when installed and used with proper care. Moreover, people sometimes have reservations with wood flooring in spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Luxury Waterproof SPC planks have gladly picked up that role of providing the aesthetics of wood in such an environment. This has provided numerous options to residential and commercial applications to enjoy the benefits of waterproof quality of the Luxury SPC planks while retaining the beauty, warmth and charm of wood look. Additionally, when installing wood floors; one had to keep into consideration the interior temperature and moisture conditions within an acceptable range to prevent wood flooring from cupping or curling. With Waterproof SPC flooring, you can install the flooring without need of humidifier or temperature control methods inside your house, within a certain range. This makes Waterproof Luxury SPC selection a prime choice for homeowners who want to use it for vacation homes or rentals.

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring can be installed in any interior flooring space in your house. You may use it in basement, first floor or any other floor above it. Being waterproof as aforementioned, it has the ability to withstand the moisture and temperature variance occurring normally in kitchens and bathrooms making it an ideal choice for a flooring that flows throughout the house without having to introduce another flooring element.

Please refer to an internal page in website discussing Care and Maintenance of Atlantis flooring.

Answer to it is a definite Yes, whether you are looking at it from use, design or budget point of view. Luxury Vinyl planks come in a range of colors to satisfy your design and usage of your personal or rental space . Being budget friendly it also gives you financial liberty to have the flooring replaced if need be without incurring heavy expenses. One of the attractive reasons is, in case you need to replace a plank of flooring; in most cases the extra box of flooring that you purchase for such cases can be usually used to replace needed plank in your floating floor installation. This becomes easier in cases where it is single format (width x length) like Atlantis Premier, Atlantis Estate and Atlantis Classic collections.

Most Luxury Vinyl planks are water resistant and some like Atlantis Luxury Vinyl SPC Planks are waterproof. If installed correctly, they are a great choice for homes with pets. Even your well trained pets are bound to have some accidents. This is where your Luxury SPC flooring shows its true strength in being virtually impervious to pet urine and offers a quick easy clean up. Luxury Vinyl proof floors are highly durable and offer scratch resistance under normal usage.

Luxury Vinyl planks are extremely kid friendly. They offer elegance and style while minimizing your worry for what your child may spill. With different kind of options for its backing ranging from Premium IXPE pad to other choices; luxury Vinyl planks provide comfortable surface for you and your child.

All flooring in California and for that matter in United States is required to have CARB compliance. CARB means California Air Resource Board. CARB controls the allowable limits of any chemicals which are introduced in our indoor environments due to agents introduced in our flooring during manufacturing. It sets limit for some of the key components which may affect our health adversely if we are exposed to it beyond allowable limit. Atlantis Collection is made from ALL Virgin material which means there is no recycled content in the flooring. This is beneficial on two fronts. First, due to it being virgin material, the source of the product is authenticated. Knowing where the product is coming from keeps a control on any and all materials being introduced in your flooring. Secondly, due to its chain of supply being established, and no "unknown" source of the product, a strict process can be established to affirm that will be no noxious chemicals like Formaldehyde, Phthalates and Mercury that will be present in the flooring. This ensures that you, your family, kids, pets and your colleagues in office environment can enjoy a cleaner air without any worries about side-effect from unwanted chemicals.

Flooring revolution as well as evolution has pushed today’s flooring installation in DIY corner with technological innovations and some basic knowhow. Easy to trim, floating installation without any bonding to floor, Unilin Click installation method for SPC flooring selections like Atlantis, ensure secure locking when installed properly. One of the major things to watch out for is that your subfloor needs to be level within the range required by your flooring selection.

Installation instructions pertinent to Atlantis Waterproof luxury SPC collection

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring can last a long time under normal usage. Luxury Vinyl Plank is suitable for residential as well as commercial applications depending on your choice and comes with Lifetime to 25 years of warranty in case of Atlantis Collections. Different selections offer a different mil /top/wear layer to handle the traffic needs best suited for you. For best practices to make your LVP last longer, among other measures you may take; we suggest:

  • Move your furniture from time to time so that the effect of light and exposure to cleaning is balanced on the surface.
  • Install right window coverings to minimize exposure to direct sunlight. You can even use a window tint which controls how much sunlight will come in. This will make your LVP flooring maintain its beauty for a longer period.
  • Clean your LVP with suitable cleaners. Your Vinyl floors offer a superior water and stain resistance giving you a little extra time for cleanup. It is recommended to use a cleaner without a bleaching agent on vinyl floors. Bleaching agents may not only fade the color but may also damage the protective surface of your vinyl floors.
  • Use floor mats near the entrance from outside.
  • Use protective plastic or any other suitable covers under your furniture or rollers of your chair/table.